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Home Wind Power Generator
Welcome to Charged Up Today! Do you want to find out more about the potential that zero energy has to power our homes and businesses, saving money and helping the environment in the process ? You’ve come to the right place.

Every year, most householders spend a significant amount of money on basic energy utilities such as electric, in order to fulfil their need for essentials like light, heat, power and charge. However, this is ultimately money flushed down the drain-spent filling the pockets of Big Power, who burn our vital and fast-disappearing fossil fuel resources such as coal, natural gas and diesel to keep up with demand.

But it doesn’t have to be this way-by making use of zero-energy resources such as wind and solar power, every person in the world can potentially generate enough electricity to cover their own power requirements by making use of technology such as wind farming, solar panel arrays and other zero-energy resources.

With this in mind, Charged Up Today offers a fully functional scale model small wind turbine that powers an LED light, making it easy to demonstrate just how easy and effective utilising the power of nature to generate power can be.

A great teaching tool, model or simple toy, our small wind turbine is suitable for all ages from five years old upwards, and can be used to show the real untapped potential for clean, zero energy that we all have at our fingertips, if we just start to think outside of the box a little bit more.

Today’s younger generations can soon become much more savvy about the potential of zero energy than those that went before, and by using tools like our small wind turbine to demonstrate the theory, quickly become better informed about how and why such resources work too!

Encouraging and enabling younger people, groups and low-income communities in countries where mains electricity is not readily available or affordable is important, and spreading the word about zero energy resources that work in all types of environments can not only mean a financial saving, but the ability to live independently of Big Power, and help the planet too.

Start small but think big… Check out our small fully functional wind turbine now, and buy directly with the added peace of mind of fast, free shipping all included with your purchase.