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The small wind turbine is a teaching tool, fidget toy and fully-functional sample model that demonstrates the power and potential of zero-energy electricity that can be generated from renewable resources such as the wind.

Constructed from a tough yet lightweight plastic body, this is the world’s smallest fully-functional wind turbine! When the blades of the turbine are agitated with wind and begin to turn, the model instantly begins to generate electricity that powers the device’s blue and green LED light array to demonstrate its functionality.

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Mini Wind Turbine Generator

The World’s
Smallest Wind Turbine



It can turn 360 degrees at any angle, and will automatically face the wind direction. The generating power will light the LED (2 blue LED and 1 green LED). LED with low power consumption required, blow with your mouth or under a fan is enough to get the power to light up the LED, which also can be used as a teaching experiment tool.

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